We are delighted you are interested in a career at BROICH CATERING & LOCATIONS. We will answer the most important questions on issues of training, career and co. here. If you have any further questions or cannot find the appropriate answer, we are happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you!

1. Why should I apply for an apprenticeship at Broich Catering & Locations?

BROICH CATERING & LOCATIONS is recognised for its solid, long-standing training experience. We provide you with a varied and thorough training while you pass through the various sectors of the company, whatever branch you choose. You are given a 360 ° view of the company. At the same time, you take part in the seminars at the BROICH ACADEMY, an excellent complement to your training. An apprenticeship round table takes place every week, where you can exchange ideas and learn from each other.

2. Who will be supervising me during training?

You are supervised by our trained instructors directly at your place of work. They are available for any questions on the day-to-day training and to teach the relevant specialist knowledge. Our HR department is also available at any time to help with any questions or problems you may have.

3. How long does an apprenticeship at Broich Catering take?

Your apprenticeship lasts three years. In certain circumstances, we can arrange to shorten the length of training if you have an appropriate qualification (e.g. Abitur). Where training performance is particularly good and following consultation with the vocational school at the relevant Chamber of Commerce, an early admission to the final examination can be requested (6 months).

4. Are apprentices taken on by Broich Catering & Locations after training?

Our training programme is conducted with the aim of taking on apprentices after training. We always offer an apprenticeship if we know that we could also offer the trainee continued employment at the end of training. Key prerequisites for being taken on permanently are your dedication and diligence during the training period.

5. What career prospects do I have at Broich Catering & Locations?

At BROICH CATERING & LOCATIONS, many things are possible if you are willing to apply yourself. Those who wish to achieve something and are dedicated are well rewarded by us. This may be through expanding your scope of duties as well as through internal/external further training offers. It may also be possible to transfer areas of responsibility to you or ambitious specialist and management assignments.

6. Is it possible to do a work experience before an apprenticeship or a dual studies course?

Yes, we even require it, so that both parties can get to know one another before an apprenticeship starts. If there is a possibility of a holiday job or a work experience, we are more than happy to let you get to know the company before starting an apprenticeship. This makes it easier to start training and you can also earn something at the same time. The requirement for a dual studies course in Germany is a three-months work experience in our house to get to know all the departments and key processes.

7. When and where do I apply?

If you want to take an apprenticeship programme with us, you should apply a year before start of training. The same goes for applicants for a place on the dual course, as the prerequisite for this is at least a three-month work experience in our building.

If you are looking for direct entry to BROICH CATERING & LOCATIONS, you can easily apply on your own initiative or reply to one of the advertised vacancies through the “Online Application” portal. Take a look at our current vacancies to see whether and where vacant apprenticeship places and jobs are available. There you will find a list of the relevant contact persons to whom you should send your application to.

8. How do I apply properly?

We prefer electronic applications – either via our online application portal or also by e-mail. Please put all your diplomas, certificates etc. together and attach them to the e-mail. The size of the e-mail should not exceed 5 MB. You can of course also send us your documents by post. We have to record these electronically after receipt and cannot return them.


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