Event Catering for any occasion

Are you planning a product presentation, an anniversary, a gala event or an awards ceremony? Perhaps even a special birthday, a wedding or any other family event? Or maybe informal talks, a conference with workshops and an incentive programme? No matter the occasion, we have the right event catering to suit – something truly special and perfectly in line with your ideas. That is our motivation!

To make your celebrations truly distinct, we intend to cater to every whim you and your guests may have with our exquisite, sophisticated fare. We offer a bespoke service, the kitchen team of our catering company are experts in transforming your personal wishes into a creative event fit to impress. What makes us so unique? To respond to your individual needs, we have developed a number of different food concepts.

Delve into the colourful world of our catering company and enjoy traditional fare with a modern twist, international delicacies and refined dishes and unicolour food – top quality, an exclusive presentation and first-class service are a given!


Foodpol is the perfect complement to our other brands: In addition to Karl Broich Premium Catering, Foodpol is to become our second premium line. While Karl Broich Premium Catering currently focuses on traditional components and ingredients at the highest level, Foodpol surprises with sophisticated and unusual combinations as well as new interpretations and approaches to well-known classics.

Karl Broich Premium Catering

We offer selected dishes, creatively arranged and cleverly served, naturally always aligned according to your personal preferences and ideas. We only use the best products for our event catering. Because we place the highest value on quality, freshness, regionality and sustainability. In addition, we create an exclusive ambience with everything that entails.

Pure Five

It is the perfect blend of simplicity and exclusivity – and further proof that perfect catering requires no more than outstanding dishes and passionate craftsmanship.
PURE stands for a presentation of dishes based on simplicity, purist décor and choice of crockery, good prices, no frills, and natural and pure enjoyment. FIVE stands for the number of steps needed to arrange the food on the plate. Because all it needs is five steps to finalise the dishes live at the buffet, in simple black bowls or on grey plates in geometric shapes, surrounded by minimalist, natural glass decorations.


Our catering company offers something quite extraordinary with unicolour. Your guests will be amazed with our unicolour food. To do this, we not only use culinary highlights, we also have colourful accents with individual dishes in the colours of your company, from starter to dessert. So, in the truest sense of the word, your company will be on everyone’s lips!

Bakers & Butchers

Experience down-to-earth and modern mentality united in traditional regional specialities, Rhenish tapas, hearty main courses and delicious desserts, served in a creative and contemporary manner. And, of course, we only use top-quality, regional ingredients. For enthusiasts of international cuisine, Bakers & Butchers is the ideal food concept. We will delight your gourmet heart with French, Spanish and Italian delicacies!

Traiteur Carl 18.91

Breakfast, lunch or finger food – here you can enjoy regional and international specialities with all culinary facets of an innovative catering concept at a low price. The best of it is: No matter what event you are planning, whether tradeshow or private party, no matter how many people you invite or what culinary direction you prefer, we can adapt this concept exactly to your tastes.


Embark on a culinary journey with a difference with BROICHCATERING&LOCATIONS and experience a wide range of delicacies from around the world, from spicy exotic foods from Asia to reinterpreted, down-to-earth food from Europe and all the way to the fiery and fresh foods of South America. Event catering by TASTE & FLY promises a true taste Sensation.


Bread is more versatile than you might think – and this is proven by the culinary concept of the ‘daily bread’. Bread is the main protagonist in any dish – whether Italian and French breads, traditional German breads or the culinary highlight, the bread bowl… and whether a starter, main or dessert.