BAKERS&BUTCHERS gives you down-to-earth food made from local ingredients and served in a stylish and modern way. The slogan 'Celebrating Food since 1823' stands for the year the first bakery – Mohren-Weyers in Jüchen – was established and joined by a butcher's shop founded by Carl Broich in 1891. Because tradition needs a heritage: We are continuing almost 200 years of company history by following this concept and yet still manage the balancing act between tradition and innovation.

Traditional values and modern catering go hand-in-hand with Broich; a mix that works perfectly.


It all started with a customer wanting 'something different'. It should be imaginative and fun, without losing sight of the key characteristics of Broich Catering. After a collective brainstorming on how we can present typical brewery catering food in a modern and effective way, we came up with an innovative, award-winning concept: BAKERS&BUTCHERS.

The Rhenish variant of BAKERS&BUTCHERS is true to the motto 'Eat nothing grandma wouldn't cook'. This is the best type of catering for those who love modern home cooking.

If you think you only get tapas in Spain, then think again. Small snacks like mini-rissoles, soused herring on pumpernickel or bacon cakes demonstrate the magic of Rhenish tapas. The main courses, such as freshly fried blood sausage, marinated beef and zander, are freshly prepared at live cooking stations right in front of your eyes and served on menu plates. Desserts also win favour with their creative twist on nursery favourites such as warm rice pudding with cinnamon and sugar or Neapolitan foam.

With international variations, we take you and your guests on a journey through the kitchens of France, Spain and Italy and serve you Mediterranean cuisine.

No matter how many people are at your event, we are happy to serve all food either as a buffet or a set menu, simply let us know what you want!

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