Bread varieties by Broich


It is well know that Georg Broich’s childhood was very much influenced by his parent’s butcher’s shop. But what most people don’t know is that bread also accompanied him from an early age. Both sides of his mother Beate’s family were bakers: the Forst family from Wevelinghoven and the Mohren family from Jüchen. And so he smelled the scent of freshly baked bread at a young age, listened to stories of hard work in the bakery and to funny anecdotes from the “Backes”, the bakehouse, where they partied and danced on a Saturday night. There was also the story about his mother having to deliver bread rolls until her wedding day and the story about aunt Magda falling off her DKW tricycle on a cold winter day while delivering cake and losing the entire load … Inspired by all these stories and by his love of bread, Georg decided to develop a concept that focuses on bread.

Everything that bread has to offer …

This was the origin of the new “daily bread” concept.  The concept offers a range of different variations. These include bread snacks in a preserving jar or the open sandwich station where rustic lumberjack loaves, farmer baguettes and oat and malt crusts are spread with barrel butter or homemade cream cheese and topped with local ham and speciality cold meats as well as with Gouda and Alpine mountain cheese – just like grandmother would have made them. But the “daily bread” concept also includes international versions. The Bruscetteria serves toasted Mediterranean bread with various toppings, and the La Boulangerie is the French equivalent to the open sandwich station. Here you can choose between French country bread, olive baguettes and brioche. They are spread with salted butter or herb crème fraîche and topped with French ham and speciality cold meats as well as with Brie and goat’s cheese. The soups in the bRowl are a winter highlight. And we have to have deserts of course, because they can also be made with bread, such as bread pudding or Pumpernickel mousse – the perfect ending to any occasion.