PURE FIVE – Coming up with new ideas…


…in the world of event catering where almost everything already exists is a big challenge. We know that BROICH has a long tradition – because BROICH would not manage to keep reinventing itself after 125 years. The importance of innovations and trends for the company is above all reflected in the fact that for Georg Broich this is a matter for the boss himself, and he deals with it with passion and vigour. He looks for new products and trends all over the world: in Barcelona, Copenhagen, London, Berlin, Paris, Bucharest, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Florida… This year, his friend and colleague Frank Lantz (Taste Please) invited him to spend a weekend in Copenhagen. There they visited all kinds of hotspots, including the street food market, the RAW42°, a Smørrebrød venue and, the highlight of the visit, the restaurant Geranium. Rasmus Kofoed – Frank Lantz’s former sous chef, award-winning chef and owner of the Geranium – invited Georg Broich to the chef’s table, where he had the chance to exchange views and ideas with the 3-star chef. That’s when he once again came across the purist [Nordic] cuisine idea, because similar trends also exist in London and Barcelona.

Back home in Düsseldorf, the creative team around Sebastian Remus and Carolin Sasse worked on a new food concept. Funnily enough, Carolin Sasse brought the new cookbook “5 Ingredients – Quick & Easy Food” by Jamie Oliver with her to a meeting. It was the perfect complement to the impressions Georg Broich had gathered in London and Copenhagen. And so ultimately, the combination of purist cuisine and the “5 Ingredients” cookbook led to the development of the “PUREFIVE” food concept.

It is the perfect blend of simplicity and exclusivity – and further proof that perfect catering requires no more than outstanding dishes and passionate craftsmanship.

PURE stands for a presentation of dishes based on simplicity, purist décor and choice of crockery, good prices, no frills, and natural and pure enjoyment. FIVE stands for the number of steps needed to arrange the food on the plate. Because all it needs is five steps to finalise the dishes live at the buffet, in simple black bowls or on grey plates in geometric shapes, surrounded by minimalist, natural glass decorations.

The finest ingredients, neatly presented

The concept comes in three different price levels (€30, €45 and €60, with each consisting of three courses of three dishes. Guests who choose PUREFIVE can soon look forward to such creations as spinach & miso with truffle or cauliflower & almond with char and yuzu, ox cheek & sweet potato with carrot and cinnamon or veal & parsnip with white port and beef tea and caramel & curry with raspberry or apple & craft beer with orange.

This high-quality purist premium concept is perfect for upmarket event catering such as FOODPOL and COLOURUNI and promises an outstanding taste experience.