MAISON TRAITEUR CARL 18.91 is the great catering experience at a low price! The product family has all culinary facets of an innovative and sustainable catering concept. It means you can enjoy regional cuisine as well international specialities.


We offer you a catering experience that accompanies you and your guests throughout any event. From tradeshow catering through a quick conference lunch and on to a sumptuous buffet for your evening event.


of experience

Small budget – great catering.

This concept is ideal for large events from 100 people. We deliver a rich buffet of hot and cold food that can be eaten when the mood takes you. Or fortify yourself for the day ahead with our TRAITEUR CARL breakfast buffet with muesli, scrambled eggs, croissants and every delicacy your heart desires first thing in the morning.

If things at an event need to move quickly but you do not want to compromise on quality and taste, then the Lunchbox from Traiteur Catering is exactly right. Even with our finger food, we still focus on presenting the fine appetisers in an elegant way, naturally with great variety and perfect for any occasion.

The TRAITEUR CARL concept allows us to meet the specific needs of our customers. A high level of enjoyment can still be achieved even with a tighter budget. Because 1891 not only represents the founding year of BROICH CATERING&LOCATIONS, it is also the standard price we start at to take you and your guests on a culinary tour of the TRAITEUR CARL marketplace.

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The inspiration for our Traiteur Catering came from a visit to the European Fine Food Fair (EFFF) in Maastricht in the Netherlands. The idea was to remember the roots and tradition of our company: From butchers to party service and on to the modern and innovative catering business.

Our mission was to convince customers – organisers, companies or private individuals – that quality remains the same even in the lower price segment. We have succeeded. Due to the great demand, we consistently developed the TRAITEUR CARL  18.91 product further to create the MAISON TRAITEUR CARL  18.91 brand.

The TRAITEUR CARL  18.91 food package offers:

  • countless types of bread, cheese and cold meats
  • different variations of salad
  • fresh pasta
  • seasonal mushroom dishes
  • tender suckling pig
  • delicious desserts

There is also a full-package available for your event which includes drinks and service in addition to the food. The whole thing is complemented by attractive furnishings, tableware and matching table decorations.