This creative catering concept is both simple and exciting. Our unicolour food offers you a brand new catering concept with a never before seen level of creativity! The focus here is not just on the food but also on the accents of colour. Colour catering means we create designed-to-order dishes in the colours of your company, your logo, your products and your corporate philosophy. So, in the truest sense of the word, your company will be on everyone’s lips!


A complete meal in a single colour may initially appear to be something of a paradox but we can assure you: We do not use any dyestuff or additives! You only enjoy natural, regional food made from high-quality ingredients. Unicolour is not bland, you experience true culinary delights with this creative catering concept – a veritable feast for the eyes

We are creative caterers who design the food for this concept according to your individual preferences and still have many more colours and creations on offer. Does black soup sound unappetising? You have to try our concoctions with lentils, blood sausage and truffles! Your favourite colour is green? We can dish this up with our boiled beef, pumpkin seed and herb salad!

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Decoration and furniture

If you would like particularly creative catering in the form of unicolour food, we not only advise you in the choice of appropriate dishes, we also provide assistance in selecting the right kind of stylish decoration and appropriate furniture. We give shape and colour to your creative ideas!

Our professional team takes good care of your event. Simply let us know your wishes. We look forward to your call!

Your menu could look like this:

  • white starters with scallops, horseradish and apple
  • red intermezzo course with lobster, bell pepper risotto and lobster butter
  • purple main course with flank steak, truffle potato and purple carrot
  • yellow dessert with dulce chocolate, bergamot and passion fruit