The quality of catering pays off

public catering

Many things are crucial to the success of large events such as concerts, public viewings, town festivals or cultural pageants. But the impressions from phenomenal outside catering stay with us for a very long time. At events with high public appeal and with us as your partner, positive visitor feedback is guaranteed. Our long years of experience combined with your vision results in a coherent overall concept that will turn any major event into a genuine experience.

It is not easy to find special catering for public events. Do you want to move away from the popular traditional fare served up at street festivals and fairs? We can offer you a culinary experience of a special kind!

Whether it’s 30,000 people at the hub in the Ruhr area or 200,000 guests at the Aerospace Day in Cologne, we are expert at planning events of any size and complexity.


We offer a wide range of catering. If, for example, you want a professional festival catering, we are the right partner. Artists and visitors want to be well cared for, particularly at musical events. We make sure of this by having the appropriate food, whether hearty burgers at rock events or fine finger food at jazz festivals.

At concerts, many fans not only want to experience their favourite artist live, they also want to top up their energy levels from time to time so that they can get back dancing with the crowd. At biennial European or World Championship events, we provide our fans at the public viewings with nourishment for their nerves. And of course, the crowds of people who turn up at town festivals and great cultural events all want to be served.

As you can see, our catering range for public events knows no boundaries. There’s no such thing as impossible. Simply let us know your wishes.