As a father of three children and managing director of a traditional family-run company, Georg W. Broich is particularly passionate about quality and sustainability. Being full is easy but sometimes we want more than that. In partnership with BIOLOGSCH, our day-care and school catering has developed a nutritional concept specifically aimed at the wishes and needs of children and young people. Our goal is to show adolescents that healthy food is tasty and fun!


When it comes to our offspring, our focus is on quality. The food for catering to schools and day care centres is freshly prepared every day. We mainly use organic side dishes such as pasta, rice and potatoes. Fruit, salad and vegetables are supplied exclusively by our long-standing regional partners.

Our monthly menu has two different lunch options for the children to choose from, one of which is vegetarian. We always offer poultry or beef as an alternative to pork. We don’t put mishmash on the table, we offer delicious and varied food that provides a good basis for day-to-day learning and growing up. The dishes are repeated every six to eight weeks at the earliest.

Our catering team always ensures balanced and healthy whole food with plenty of vegetables, cereals, fresh salads and only the best ingredients. For example, we have the popular organic spirelli pasta with a Bolognese sauce but, every now and again, we have pumpkin curry with chickpeas as a vegetarian alternative, as well as fish once a week. In addition, we offer complete menus every week made from 100 per cent organic products, which we label separately on the menu.

The food for catering for schools and day-care centres is well thought out and lovingly prepared. We want to play a big part in helping our offspring learn how important healthy nutrition is at an early age and especially how much fun it is. When we compile our menus, we always take the preferences and trends of the children and youngsters into account so that there is something for every taste.

We were the first catering company worldwide to have been certified with the Green Globe for our sustainability in 2011. We were also awarded the BIO Certificate by the Gesellschaft für Ressourcenschutz mbH (GfRS) for the entire off-site business.

school catering

What makes up a good school catering?

When it comes to nutrition, as premium catering company we have the claim, to offer only the best ingredients to our offspring. Today, numerous schools are full-time schools. Thus, it is even more important, to haven eaten something delicious and healthy. For us, a good school catering is not only healthy, but also balanced and tasty!

Healthy does not implement to only eat vegetables and salads. When preparing the dishes for our school catering, we pay high attention to the quality of our products and that our ingredients are honest and most of the time biological. Healthy means good for the body and the mind. Our school food shall taste so good, that all kids are happy. Only by that, pupils are able to study productively and stay motivated. And since we only use the best ingredients, free of convenience products, flavor enhancer and additives, our school catering promotes children’s growth and development.

We successfully found the balance between a healthy school catering, which is mainly desired by parents, the children’s taste and their favorites dishes.

Being a good example with healthy school food

Talking about nutrition, the parental education plays not the only important role. In this case, day-care-centers and schools assume a lot of responsibility, as well. In the end, children learn from their role models. With our balanced school catering food, we do not only provide kids and teenagers with all elementary nutrients, but we also shape their awareness for the selection and quality of groceries. Thus, we make a small, but major contribution to their development, which is our heartfelt wish.