The original ensemble of the Admiral Palace from 1911 is still a cultural hotspot in the capital and thanks to its imposing theatre hall where all chairs can be removed, it offers a breathtaking setting for gala dinners, meetings or film premieres for 250 to 1,500 guests. The historic Mittelloge is unique in Berlin and promises a particularly attractive and exclusive theatre experience for up to 16 people. The F101 on the third floor of the Admiral’s Palace is a brand new rental opportunity. The oval-shaped function room and the stylish walkway around the venue can accommodate events from 50 to 300 people.




Tel.: +49 30 606 904 62
Mobil: +49 171 2264507


area: 3.000 m²
(withWelcome & Work area)

Room 16a + b:
area: 345 m²

Room 23 + 24:
area: 128 m²

seating options:
row: 72 persons
parliament: 50 persons

Room 21:
area: 74 m²

seating options:
row: 42 persons
parlaiment: 30 persons

Boardroom up to 8 persons: 23 qm
Boardroom up to 10 persons: 31 qm
Fixed block seating for 8 oder 10 persons