Embark on a culinary journey with a difference with BROICHCATERING&LOCATIONS and experience a wide range of delicacies from around the world, from spicy exotic foods from Asia to reinterpreted, down-to-earth food from Europe and all the way to the fiery and fresh foods of South America. Event catering by TASTE & FLY promises a true taste Sensation.


Our event catering service offers dishes from around the world that are appetising and beautifully served.
Presented in five diverse regional constellations, and served in three courses:

Fresh food from Italy | Exotic food from Asia | Mouth-watering food from

Delicately flavoured food from Italy | Aromatic food from Spain | Vibrant food
from Greece

Fresh food from Thailand | Diverse food from China | Exciting food from Japan

Fiery food from Mexico | Juicy food from the USA | Tropical food from Brazil
Rustic food from Austria | Nordic food from Germany | Wholesome food from Switzerland

Choose one of our five international creations and delight in the rich variety of flavours, the highest quality, first-class ingredients and appealing presentation. The arrangements are made up of three small country-specific buffets with a starter, main course and a dessert each.

The dishes are presented in stylish retro boxes, at live cooking stations or in K-Pot hot plates. We create a coherent overall design using decorative and playful elements such as boxes and aeroplane trolleys. Depending on the specific event, we can also provide a waiting service instead of self-service.

If TASTE &FLY meets your taste, we are happy to make you a suitable offer for your event!

The advantages for your event


  • a broad selection of light starters, main courses with many different ingredients and sweet
    desserts from a variety of cuisines
  • the concept represents a break with the classic buffet arrangement
  • there is no unsociable queuing and no more sensory overload
  • your guests casually walk from buffet to buffet and discover a variety of specialties from near and far
  • in a light and relaxed atmosphere, guests literally go on a culinary world tour
  • live cooking stations for a special catering experience
  • food is appealingly presented in retro boxes
  • unusual decorative and service elements in the form aeroplane trolleys
  • also suitable for the smaller budget