Areal Böhler


Where metal blocks have been annealed at 1000 degrees since 1950, the 400 square meters of interior space and the generous outdoor area (also 400 square meters) offer a variety of uses. Bright daylight floods in through the modernized industrial windows and even during the day, the room keeps its cathedral like atmosphere thanks to […]

Halle am Wasserturm

This unique location can be seen from miles around. It is right next to the original water tower on the AREAL BÖHLER which was built in 1914 and is now a listed monument. This location is particularly suitable for smaller corporate events, but private events can also easily be held here. The 600 m² indoor […]

Altes Kesselhaus

The ALTE KESSELHAUS is the former central heating plant on the AREAL BÖHLER and has a unique atmosphere – a truly popular venue for top class events. A distinguishing feature is the original furnace, which is now a listed monument and gives the ALTENKESSELHAUS its incomparable, almost magical atmosphere. Stylish company events, after-work parties and […]

Alte Federnfabrik

A former production hall transformed into a magical place of inspiration: After extensive refurbishment, the ALTE FEDERNFABRIK, which was built in 1914 as a crucible casting steel smelter, was approved as an event location in 2011. In the same year it won the Location-Award in the category “Location for large events”. The old, industrial character […]


The KALTSTAHLHALLEN offer the ideal complement to the existing locations on the AREAL BÖHLER. They are a great place for conventions, meetings, kick-offs and presentations for large products and innovations like cars or even trucks. They can be acoustically separated, making them the perfect location for two-part event sequences. As the KALTSTAHLHALLEN are close to […]

Alte Schmiedehalle

The ALTEN SCHMIEDEHALLEN was renovated to become a modern event location in 2012. The distinctive character of the old industrial backdrop has been preserved. The sturdy steel girders and the still existing old master’s office create a wonderful atmosphere. The roof and the windows are translucent, refurbished using frosted glass. The industrial floor has been […]

Areal Böhler

Built in 1914, the Areal served as a location for steel production for many decades. In recent years, more than 100 small and larger companies have settled there. In addition, six halls are available for events. They can be rented individually or as a whole ensemble. The outdoor area can also be used. The area […]